Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Passions...So true!

On one of the yahoo groups I read this was posted...

With permission...

She's spent years being told that her passions are inappropriate -that's the worst message of conventional parenting, imnsho.Children, even very young children, can be very passionate people,but conventional wisdom says that's bad - nobody, outsideunschoolers, even uses the word passion wrt children. They "getsucked into" something. They "become obsessed". They "get addicted".They are allowed to love academics and sports, but even then -passion? Its a dirty word applied to children.

So their lives get broken up into schedules and play time and screentime and cleanup time and dinner time and family time. They don't*get* to be passionate, even in secret, not even in the privacy oftheir own minds bc they must speak when spoken to and answer thequestion and "be a part of the family" and "what do youmean "nothing" what have you been doing?"

The biggest thing learning about radical unschooling has done for meis to allow me to see my kids as passionate people. That one thinglets me reframe everything else - Everything Else becomes a questionof how I'm going to go about supporting these passionate people Ilive with.---Meredith (Mo 6, Ray 14)

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