Thursday, August 21, 2008

Let them eat Cake...

Yes, I think that is a good title... Let them eat cake! Why not? You CAN make another one. It is OK it is not the end of the world and certainly not something to punish your kids over. Who cares if they ate the undecorated cake. IT IS JUST CAKE!

Yes, this happened today. We made the cake for Mataya's birthday took it out of the pan and it broke but not too broken just some stuck in the pan nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little frosting. Then put it on a rack to cool. A little while later Mataya comes to get Daddy to ask for "more" of something. Pulls his hand and drags him to the kitchen and shows him the cake. Nice big hole in the top middle! Dylan and Mataya decided that it just looked to good and they had to try it and this piece just... came off.

Did he get mad? No! He called me! Life is too short and joyful to get upset or angry over cake.

I was out on an errand and Bill called me and said I might want to pick up something to make another cake. So I did, and you know what the second cake turned out so much better than the first no broken piece and it was bigger too! So yes, let them eat cake! We all ate cake!

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