Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Very timely messages today....

First I received this...

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: Authentic Pleasure Is Priority One ::

The single most powerful thing you can do to make
parenthood (all of life, actually) into a joyful
journey is to decide that *feeling good* is your
top priority.

It's more important than being right, paying the
bills, saving the world, and even being a good
parent. Yet when you put authentic pleasure first,
you're inspired to right action, you attract
prosperity, you make the world a better place,
and you're more creative as a parent.

One caveat: the shift to pleasure-orientation
unfolds more joyfully when you shift from the
*inside out*. In other words, as you reach for
pleasure, don't shift your *actions* until you've
shifted your *thinking*.

When your thinking is aligned with your Authentic
Self, you feel authentic pleasure, and you're
inspired to actions that serve the greater good.

For the next few days, pay close attention to how
you feel. Notice when you're *tolerating* stress
and re-affirm your top priority: to seek authentic
pleasure from the inside out.

Feel free to forward this message to your friends!
(Please include this paragraph and everything above.)
Copyright (c) 2008 by Scott Noelle

And then this...

August 27, 2008
Part Of The Process
Feeling Stuck
When we feel stuck in our lives it’s important to take stock of what is going on and find out if there is something we are doing or not doing that is keeping us stuck. Sometimes the situation is out of our control, and we need to look within to find the patience required to wait with equanimity until things move forward again. Many times, though, we can find the source of our stagnation in our own hearts and minds. Sometimes we are clinging to old ideas about reality and we need to make adjustments that will bring us back in tune with life, so we can flow again. Sometimes we find that fear of change is what’s keeping us stuck, and we can resolve to find ways of facing that fear.

If introspection does not provide the answers we need, it can sometimes be helpful to ask those around you if they notice anything obvious that you might not be able to see. Remember to ask someone whom you can trust to be kind and sensitive as well as honest. Try to let go of your resistance because whenever there is something we can’t see ourselves, it’s because we don’t want to see it. Try to listen with an open mind, and remember that you are always the final judge of what you need. Anything offered to us from an outside source will need to be processed within before its wisdom can take hold.

In all this, be kind to yourself and remember that we all get stuck sometimes. Think of it as a part of your process, a necessary step on your journey, rather than as a problem that shouldn’t be happening. This can help to keep your frustration at bay and give you the space you need to take a deep breath and really figure out what’s going on.

Yes, finding joy and pleasure and getting unstuck. This is all part of the process and the journey. Now to find the joy and the wisdom in it all.

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