Tuesday, August 19, 2008


August 19, 2008
Healing the Past
Aries Daily Horoscope
Your sense of vulnerability to others’ opinions could make you feel overly sensitive today. This feeling of being exposed could be due to your own judgments about yourself, which you might then look for more carefully in your interactions with others. Being able to understand the workings of your inner critic could make you feel less exposed and may help you to react more positively to the opinions you receive from other people. Should you at anytime start to feel judged today, you may wish to ask yourself if that comment or action reminds you of anything you experienced in the past; you may find that your reaction is based on something that is not even related to your present experiences. As you come across your emotional trigger, you might wish to imagine that you have the power to change your past reaction through your current situation.

Seeing how our past relates to the ways in which we interact in the present is a powerful way to heal our critical thoughts about ourselves. Once we recognize that our vulnerability has more to do with our history, we will begin to understand that reacting more positively in the now can alter and restore things that happened in the past. Rather than feel sensitive, we transform ourselves and instead begin to feel a greater sense of empowerment. Reflecting on what sparks your feelings of judgment today will enable you to change the ways you react to certain situations, which will in turn cultivate healthier and more healing interactions.

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