Monday, September 29, 2008

I sure hope so... the Daily OM

September 29, 2008
Social Interactions With Heart
Aries Daily Horoscope
You might find it easier to relate to other people today, particularly in social situations, and this could put you in a friendly and outgoing mood. This ability to interact with others may stem from your desire to put people at ease in social situations and make the time they spend with you much more interesting and treasured. One way to connect with people in an even deeper way could be to extend your love and compassion to them through metta, or loving-kindness meditation. While with others today you can wish that each person you encounter finds unlimited comfort and happiness. Offering your love to those around you in this way could smooth the progress of all of your interactions by making them not only fun and social but also meaningful and significant.

Through loving-kindness meditation, we can bring a more loving level of interaction to our social relationships. Even though it can be fun to go out and simply spend time with others in social situations, such relationships can also be one-dimensional. Being social, however, doesn’t mean having interactions that are only on the surface; we can also have connections that have greater meaning for us. Loving-kindness meditation is one such way to make our social interactions something that we can treasure, allowing us to share not only our sense of fun with others but our love and understanding as well. Relating to other people through your heart will infuse your interactions with openness and genuine pleasure today.

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