Saturday, November 1, 2008


So recently on a board I am on I posted something that I thought I would also put here. This is really exposing me. These are some of my feelings and thoughts and it feels very raw. Maybe if I just put it out there the feelings and thoughts will change.

I have read a little on the NVC and I get a lot of email type messages but I feel I am struggling. So here is my stuff. Anyone want to help me tackle it?

I kinda feel like having a pity party most recently. I feel like I am failing at many friendships or something. I just don’t seem to be connecting well with people other than my children, husband, and Parents.

I feel I am struggling to find support, to find a tribe, to find a real connection, to feel welcomed, to feel understood, to feel appreciated. I know this is all a bit jumbled. I could explain each one, but I fell bad taking up a lot of every ones time. Mostly I feel I try to put myself out there and either I don’t find a connection or I feel unappreciated and shut out. The later most recently would be about my sister.

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  1. :( I think we all feel that way sometimes?

    I wonder if you have been telling your loved ones what it is you're clearly needing from them? It's very normal to go through these moments where we need a bit more and sometimes a little reassurance and acknowledgement can go a long way. Sometimes when I'm feeling this way I hold back hoping someone will notice and offer me what I need and feel even more down when I don't get it. To get what we need, we need to ask for it.

    Warm thoughts your way,