Thursday, November 6, 2008


No matter how this is quoted or who said it or how it started it is inspirational...

Heard on NPR...

"Rosa sat so Martin could walk...

Martin walked, so Obama could run...

Obama is running so our children can fly!"

And added later...

Update#1: Apparently, this quote has been around for a while. I found this web store already selling T-shirts with the quote on them!
Interestingly, instead of "Obama", it was "Barack" on those shirts! ( A comment by Ernest T Bass noted the inconsistency, as Rosa and Martin are first names)


Update#2: I think I found the origin of this quote! Believe it or not, it looks like it was Jay-Z at a concert in New York City on October 5th! (If anyone can trace the quote to an earlier event or to someone else, please post a comment)
You can watch this video (poor quality by the way) At around 1min:53sec into it, Jay-Z said the following:

"Rosa Parks sat, so Martin could walk... Martin walked, so Obama could run... Obama is running, so we all could fly


Update#3: There seems to be yet another variation of this out there (h/t to Tin hat mafia)

Crispus fell, so Rosa Parks could sit. Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King, Jr. could march. Martin Luther King, Jr. marched so Barack Obama could run. Barack is running so our children can FLY!

The reference to Crispus Attucks (killed during the Boston Massacre of 1770) is an interesting one. I'm now completely unsure what the original quotation is or who said it.

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