Saturday, August 9, 2008

How to put it into words.

Oh I have so much in my head and I have problems typing all of my thoughts out on a keyboard fast enough. Especially for them to sound exactly the way I want them too. So many blogs I read sound so good, so right on. I feel like saying hey I feel that way too! I could have written that exact same thing. Maybe about a different situation but the exact same feelings and thoughts.

I have been feeling a shift lately. Things were going along well. Better than well. Really feeling the joy. Joy of life. My life the life with my husband and especially my children.

Lately things have felt like they are going down hill and fells like it is happening faster and faster. It started back a while ago. Negative things. problems. Problems with people with things.

I keep a pretty positive mind but it feels like the negativity is building. I try to not think about it. I try to be at peace with it all. It works for some time and then something else comes along.

Where did this shift happen? When? What caused it?

How do I get back to the peace, love, joy?

I find it from within and allow it to flow out and through me.

I could sit here and write about all the things I want to change but what good would that do? I can only change myself and the way I act or react to things. It would not change family, friends, foes, Doctors.

So back to finding my joy and living in the present!

It will come I can already feel it shifting back to the peace the love and the joy.