Saturday, September 6, 2008

It is just a word...

Really, all words are just that, words! It is the individual who make a big deal out of a word. So why is it OK for an adult to use "bad words" but not children? I say soap to everyone! Everyone who thinks a bad word, who says a bad word.... really, now I guess we would be going through a lot of soap. OK, so what is the difference between poop and crap? And did you know you can't spell around my kids? Dylan knows c-r-a-p is crap! And Mataya, well she goes around saying b-o-o-b! So there you have it they are just words.

So, the next time you find yourself getting mad at a child for using language you think is inappropriate, just think, well I can get the soap or get mad at them or I could say hey here is a better word than the one you used. AND think before you speak! Especially around children! If you are going to get mad and let the c's and s's and f's and d's fly well don't be surprised if you hear them from the little mouths who have big ears.

Really they are just words and the more power you give to them the more power they have to everyone! So Either use "good words" or shut the f___ up!