Friday, September 19, 2008



Just a vent...

I just need to vent...

I am so fing tired of being treated like crap by my sister especially when I am trying to help. I just can't think of a NVC way to handle things right now and I just need to get the mad out.

I tried to call her to respectfully offer help with the whole pregnancy thing (offering to fix meals, clean her house, help with her 2 year old) and she gets off the phone quickly saying can I call you right back something happened to her two year old.

Does she call right back? NO so I wait. And then I call and leave a message and wait then I send an email and wait. My Mom has been trying for 2 days to get a hold of her... nothing. 24 fing hours later she send us an email. basically saying don't call me I'll call you. we are all OK!

I am just really tired of offering help to her because she has a high risk pg and then being treated like crap. You know if you don't want help then just say so just don't treat me like crap and then decide you want me at your every call to watch the 2 year old and say it is all because of the pg. She has been like this all our adult life so no nothing new here just tired of the crap and I feel like I need to be there for here and help her because of the pkd and high bp and possibly the pre-e.

I love her and I really wish things were different. I really wish we communicated better. I really hope nothing happens to her.


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