Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mataya the elf!

Dylan the elf!


:: A Post-Modern Thanksgiving ::

Transforming your life experience (including parenting) from a *grind* to a *groove* leads to a peculiar realization: It's all GOOD... even the "bad" stuff!

There are hidden blessings in *every* situation. You may not see some of those blessings for quite some time -- perhaps years -- but who's to say you can't enjoy them before you know what they are? Don't you enjoy receiving a gift even before you've unwrapped it? :-)

So if you're celebrating Thanksgiving today, try giving thanks for things that don't normally garner your gratitude:

* Your child's crying, whining, aggression, etc.

* The person who judged or criticized your parenting.

* That thing you said or did to your child that you promised you never would.

Allow yourself to appreciate that LIFE IS GOOD... *all* of it! Acknowledge the gift of *shadows*, without which the Light would have no depth.

Have fun!

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