Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 more things!

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Here goes:

1. I love my children I really do! I love being a SAHM! And miss them terribly when I am away from them. Although sometimes I wish we had better babysitter situation. Anyone?

2. I am still nursing my little one almost 2.5 years now.

3. I love chocolate, good chocolate, good coffee and tea.

4. I had trouble learning to read. And now amazed at my son who seems to love to read and get it so much better than I did.

5. I have never been out of the USA. Except Mexico (in my Mothers tummy) and Canada twice (Niagara Falls and the Washington State Boarder)

6.My husband is a much better cook than I, and I love him so much for that, otherwise I might starve. LOL

7. I like to clean, really I am a clean freak and I like to organize. I had a boss call me anal and I had no idea what it meant and hated that word.

8. I was on Mt. Saint Helens when it blew.

9. I don't really like Doctors (mainly because I don't feel like they listen to me and just want to throw a pill at me), but I love my chiropractor!

10. I morn the loss of a few relationships that I wish were better.

11. I have dreams that have come true.

12. My whole family sleeps in one room. We co sleep and love it.

13. I used to go dancing 5 nights a week. I miss it some days.

14.I have lived in 4 states. CA, WA, NV, RI.

15.I really feel conflicted about unresolved conflicts.

16. My husband is my best friend.

17. I don't like the smell of nursing homes or old people but I think aging people are beautiful and wonderful. Well most of them.

18. I like to read but I have trouble finding time.

19. I love to learn new things. By myself, with my husband, with my kids, with my family, with my friends!

20. I would love to give birth again but I really don't want more children.

21.I was a brownie and a girl scout.

22. I played/took piano lessons for 4 years, but never learned to read music.

23. Growing up I was in tap, ballet, baton, gymnastics, and played volleyball, basketball all at different times. Until I turned 15 and got a job.

24. I love where I live 2 hrs or less to the mountains, desert, ocean...

25. I just reread my 16 things and realised that I had way more than 16 things... so can I stop yet?

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